We built Fireside because we're podcasters, too. Now it's yours


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We collect and display massive amounts of real-time data about your unique downloads with one of the industry's most established and trusted podcast download tracking systems.

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Fast File Hosting

Your listeners want your content as soon as it's available. Fireside has partnered with Cachefly to serve up your podcast via the best CDN (Content Delivery Network) around.

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Fireside has built-in advertiser support for sponsored podcasts and also integrates with Patreon, PayPal, and more to help you provide custom content for listener-supported shows.

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Seamless Import

Fireside can seamlessly import your existing podcast from podcast platforms like Libsyn, FeedPress, SoundCloud, Squarespace, SimpleCast, and Wordpress with one click, without losing subscribers.

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Automatic Website

Every podcast automatically gets a responsive website with individual episode pages, notes, and images. Customize your about, donate, and host pages, and even map a custom domain name.

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Fireside combines our editorial team's suggestions with listener recommendations and sitewide analytics to help listeners find your show.


Fireside Team

Dan Benjamin

Founder, Developer

Haddie Cooke

Co-Founder, Designer

A. Friend

Developer, DB Magician

Maggie Ball

Best Intern Ever

Joshua Butner

Designer, Front-End Developer

CK Hicks

Front-End Developer