Getting Help with Fireside

If you’ve run into trouble, please take a look at these commonly asked questions to see if they address your issue. If not, please use the link in the section at the bottom to create a support ticket.

Please check our Service Health Website if you’re having trouble accessing Fireside or want to check to see if there is a system-wide problem.

Try restarting your browser, or wait a bit. Our CDN caches your images, and it takes a few minutes for the cache to be purged.
Enter the URL for your podcast's existing feed on the Admin > Tools page, and we do the rest. We import all of your episodes, MP3 files, and associated metadata, and publish them to your Fireside while you sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Nothing will happen until you redirect your old feed to your new Fireside feed using a 301 Redirect. This means you can import your old podcast with complete confidence that nothing at all can go wrong. Once you're happy with your new setup, you can put the redirect in place to forward all of your subscribers to your podcast's new home.

Until you do that, none of your subscribers, Apple Podcasts, or any other app directories, services, or podcast clients will know about your new Fireside feed, so it's important to do once you've started posting new episodes to Fireside.

Here are several links to instructions for setting up a 301 Redirect for various hosts:

This can happen if the MP3 file is too large (over 100MB in size), or when another type of audio file (such as an AAC file) was used. The Fireside team of podcasters and engineers has done extensive testing to find the ideal balance between file size and audio quality. We support MP3 files, which have become the standard for podcasts, and are the most widely supported audio format. We recommends the following MP3 export settings:

mono, 64kb/s, 44.1k sample rate

These settings represent the perfect compromise between quality and file size, and is a widely accepted standard. Even multi-hour-long episodes with several hosts, sound effects, and music will come in below the 100MB mark using these settings.

Fireside updates your MP3 file's metadata from the data you enter for each episode (title, copyright, cover-art, etc.), but will not re-encode, up-convert, or down-convert your audio.

We do not yet support custom domain SSL certificates yet, but we are working on this feature. Some customers have used Cloudflare as a wrapper to make this possible until the feature is complete.

Setting up a custom domain with Fireside is easy, but configuring your DNS provider's settings can be tricky.

To add the custom domain in Fireside, enter it into the Custom Domain field on the Admin > Advanced Settings page. Then, create a CNAME on your DNS provider's website that points your root domain (e.g. to (note the trailing . at the end). Make sure to use the same URL in both places — if you enter as the CNAME in your DNS, make sure to enter as your Custom Domain in Fireside. See the image below for an example (taken from

If you'd like for to also work, you'll need to setup a 301 redirect (sometimes called a "forward") at your DNS provider to redirect to your base domain, (see the next section for an example).

If Your DNS Provider Doesn't Allow a CNAME for the Root Domain

If your DNS host won't allow you to map a CNAME as the root domain, we suggest using a CNAME that maps to instead and entering for your custom domain in Fireside, as in this example (taken from

You will then need to setup URL Forwarding from the base domain to www. This is an important step that people often forget or get confused about. See the image below (from for an example:

Google has a comprehensive list of CNAME instructions for most providers.

Adding a custom domain in Fireside is instantaneous, but it may take up to 24 hours for your new DNS provider to register the change, depending on their settings.

Please submit a support ticket and we will be happy to help you out!

Be sure to include your Podcast's Admin URL in the ticket or we will be unable to help you in a meaningful way. Screenshots are helpful, but without your Admin URL, we won't be able to help.