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S02 E04: Breaking Down Systems, Breach Data Dumps, A.I., OSINF vs OSINT, and Tech Job Interviews

July 17th, 2023  •  1 hr 21 mins  •  Download (47.6 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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This time Daniel, Elliott, and Nico get together and talk about breaking down systems, especially as it relates to online data.

This episode discusses:
• Increases in hacker and breach data activity
• What OSINT work was like ten years ago versus today
• Modern day pros and cons of OSINT data collection
• Pitfalls of artificial intelligence and machine learning
• Interviewing computer job candidates
• Potential for Increased societal disruptions

The guys continue the discussion, further exploring challenges and scenarios brought on by technology, especially that crossing into the world of OSINT.

Join us regularly for discussions about news stories, current events, and technology updates from the perspective of old school open source intelligence investigators.

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