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Episode 46: The Truth About Ukraine and Russia with Joachim Hagopian

May 22nd, 2022  •  1 hr 54 mins  •  Download (81.8 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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Former Army officer and West Point graduate Joachim Hagopian joins me for a detailed, sweeping, and frequently eye-opening discussion of what's REALLY going on in Ukraine, and why Russia supposedly "invaded." The media portrays it as an arbitrary invasion motivated by greed and bloodlust, but what if nothing could be further from the truth? What if the Western Powers are actually covertly using Ukraine to fight a proxy war for them? Are we on the brink of a WW3 - or has it already started? What does the Biden Crime Family have to do with Ukraine? Why did every Big Tech platform switch from "covid mode" into "I stand with Ukraine mode" in unison overnight? Is Ukraine a major nexus of child, drug, and weapons trafficking? Is Vladimir Putin trying to eradicate the last remaining Nazi strongholds in Ukraine - while also fending off the "Illuminati" Elite's attack on Russia? There is clearly MUCH more going on in Ukraine than the controlled media is letting on. Hagopian blows the lid off the whole charade.