Truthiverse with Brendan D. Murphy

Episode 35: The Fallen Goddess - Sol Luckman on Humanity, Gaia, Archons and the AI Agenda

June 23rd, 2021  •  1 hr 5 mins  •  Download (55.1 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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In late 2019 before co(n)vid kicked off, author Sol Luckman received a powerful intuitive premonitory "download" regarding the p(l)andemic (and pseudo-vaccines) to come, which inspired his latest novel "Cali the Destroyer". His book singles out, in his words, the primary source of "evil" as we experience it, that being the Archontic demiurgic force operating as a mind parasite in the psyche of human beings. These entities are not physical, but "psychic" or energetic entities that inhabit vulnerable minds, stimulating self-destructive and sadistic thought, as well as pushing us in the direction of technological transhumanism which will ultimately leave only a simulacrum of humanity in its wake if it succeeds. We discuss the Archontic domination and depopulation agenda, the possible evolutionary leap humankind may soon make, as well as how Luckman's fast-paced novel came to be, and how it weaves the Gnostic myths and prophecies into it - and how they relate to our situation today.