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9 Lessons Learned from Gardening Indoors - S2E6

March 24th, 2017  •  41 mins 34 secs  •  Download (65.6 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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9 Lessons Learned from Gardening Indoors - S2E6

Spring has sprung!  It is time to get growing plants for the 2017 Gardening Campaign!  I have been successfully growing seedlings inside for the past few years, and there are a ton of Lessons Learned from my own successes and failures.  In this podcast, I boil it down and focus on 9 Lessons Learned from Gardening Indoors.

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Podcast Topics
[caption id="attachment_1693" align="aligncenter" width="2592"] You can grow all kinds of plants and herbs inside![/caption]

In this podcast, I discuss the following 9 Lessons Learned from Gardening Indoors:

Start seedlings to meet your last frost date
Label and mark containers
Light is CRITICAL to growing plants, but you can grow plants with less expensive lights
Automate lights in the growing area
Use store bought potting mixes
Be aware of the temperature in your gardening area
Use a heating pad to start seedlings
Check the soil once per day
Water from the bottom up, not top down
 I finish the podcast by giving you the most critical lessons (and give you a bonus tip about your grow lights).
[caption id="attachment_1711" align="aligncenter" width="900"] There are many options when it comes to soil. Time to test some soil this year![/caption]
I discussed the following links on this podcast:
To find your last frost date, go to these links if you live in Canada or in the USA

How to Garden Indoors
8 Steps to Starting Plants Indoors
Winter Care of Indoor Succulents
Modern Steader
Bright Agrotech
Nature's Image Farm- CHECK IT OUT!  Remember, any orders using the code "SSL" will receive a 10% OFF all nursery stock plus FREE shipping.  It is time to plant, so why not order something from Nature's Image Farm?

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