VYS0020 | Messages of Deception - Vayse to Face with Mark Pilkington

April 26th, 2023  •  1 hr 44 mins  •  Download (95.4 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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If you don't know Mark Pilkington by name, chances are you will be familiar with some of his work: he's the author of the seminal history of deception and misinformation throughout the history of the UFO phenomenon, Mirage Men, and producer of the documentary of the same name, he runs Strange Attractor Press, the diverse, beloved and well respected counterculture publisher, he's a journalist, having written for the Fortean Times, the Guardian and Bizarre Magazine amongst others, and he also records and performs music with Teleplamsiste, Luminous Foundation and the Begotten. In this episode Hine and Buckley chat to Mark about the legacy of Mirage Men, which is having a moment again with the tenth anniversary of the documentary falling this year, the recent release of the audiobook and continued favourable nods in the occultosphere and beyond. The conversation also takes turns into the way misinformation is now a pervasive part of our everyday lives, Mark's ideas about the nature of the phenomenon itself and his experiences as a crop circle hoaxer... recorded 7 March 2023