Truthiverse with Brendan D. Murphy

Episode 36: What is IT? New Perspective on the Collective Unconscious, God, Angels & Demons with Nick Sambrook

July 9th, 2021  •  1 hr 45 mins  •  Download (77.6 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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What do you do when you suddenly find yourself living out storylines written by authors such as Philip K. Dick - even down to your very name? Or when you discover that your own ideas are being picked up by the collective human unconscious and acted out in real life? How would you feel if you found yourself shoved into a real life "hero's journey" being orchestrated by the mind of a child? Nick Sambrook joins me to discuss his extensive research and experience with the bizarre behaviour of the human "hive mind" and unbelievable synchronicities that have intruded on his life over many years. His "post-Jungian" perspective unifies and simplifies many seemingly disparate phenomena, taking a refreshing new "meta-level" perspective that affords a higher level of clarity on our ever-evolving concepts such as god, UFO contact, angels and demons, ancient aliens, and visionary experiences. We break down the nature of the collective human unconscious, how it operates, how it manifests to different people at different times, and much more. If you're familiar with synchronicity, simultaneous invention, or other "paranormal" phenomena, you'll love this. Somewhere Jung is smiling and nodding.