Built by Podcasters, for Podcasters

Fireside had its beginnings in the custom-built publishing platform that we created for 5by5, one of the first and largest tech-focused podcast networks around. We'd been podcasting since 2007, and began doing it full time in 2009 with the launch of 5by5, where it has delivered millions of downloads a month to listeners around the world.

We wanted to eliminate all of the obstacles that make podcasting difficult. Imagine if everything was just done for you — a georgeous and responsive website (with several new templates in the works), perfect iTunes-compatible RSS feeds, worldwide publishing and distribution, content delivery networks and reliable, redundant hosting, simple bookmarklet-based link management, automatic metadata and cover image insertion, MP3 chapters, sponsorship and campaign management, member support — it's all built in. That's Fireside, and now it's yours.

And if you're already a podcaster, Fireside offers tons of advanced features, like one-step importing from older podcast hosting platforms like Simplecast, Feedpress, Libsyn, and Squarespace, or directly from any iTunes-compatible RSS feed.

Here's a quick look at how easy it is to add show notes and links using our Bookmarklet.

Take a look at the images below for a preview of Fireside in action.

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