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“Nailed This Video Store Interview” with Justin Kavanaugh

May 6th, 2019  •  31 mins 48 secs  •  Download (29.1 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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Remember when you were so excited to go into your first job interview? Where was it, a grocery store? A deli? Or, was the the most coveted job available… the video rental store (kids: this was a place that people went before Netflix completely destroyed the industry where people would actually, and get this, drive to a store where they would spend anywhere from $3-$6 to rent a video and then have to drive it back to the store and drop it off before they incurred ridiculously high “late fees”). Why was the video rental store the best? Well, you got access to all fo the coolest things: movies, video games, junk food… everything a teenager covets! Sometimes, you would see that one person in the store that didn’t seem to enjoy their job, and that they could never seem to connect with the customers, their coworkers, or even just do a good job…. Aaaaand here is Justin!