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Habits for Grit and Resilience with Dr John Barletta

May 27th, 2018  •  20 mins 59 secs  •  Download (19.8 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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Do you ever feel like quitting because it all seems too difficult? During these moments, the set backs can feel like they keep taking you further and further away from succeeding, so giving up becomes very tempting. Sound familiar? I’ve been there too. Yet, we all know of people who, despite the biggest obstacles, keep moving forward with hope, motivation and a sense of perspective. Maybe, you are like this too. What’s the difference? How come some people are able to move forward in the face of adversity while others crumble? It’s not about skill or intelligence, instead it’s your grit and resilience that counts. You are stronger than you would ever imagine, especially when you practice the right habits. In this episode, the Do Life Better podcast’s resident psychologist, Dr John Barletta, and I share strategies and habits for building your grit and resilience to help you move through challenging moments with greater positivity and purpose.