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Everyday Heroism with Dan Stanford

August 12th, 2018  •  33 mins 57 secs  •  Download (31.7 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that you had a bigger platform, a larger following or extra credibility so that you could make a bigger difference to more people? Yeah, well, me too. The way we turn major celebrities and social media stars into superheroes, means that we tend to overlook and even down play the difference we can make, right here and now. Not only that, but we also miss the incredible acts of everyday heroes in our lives. The ordinary people who make a difference, who inspire, who show tremendous acts of selfless and courage. Today’s guest, Dan Stanford, the author of Lose the Cape. Embrace ordinary” shares some powerful stories and insights on how to create, discover and celebrate every day heroic acts.