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82: Doing Life Gratefully Challenge - Feel Good Friday

February 21st, 2019  •  5 mins 10 secs  •  Download (4.74 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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What if we spent as much time looking for the positives as we do focusing on the negatives, the stresses, the things that make us worried and anxious. There is an abundance of positives around you, that is, when you stop and intentionally notice it. Even when things are going wrong, when you are having a struggle day, or when everything seems to be going against you, if you look for it, you will still find positives all around you. Where you focus is where you end up. If you focus on the negatives, that’s where you and your energy will end up. However, if you focus on the positives, your energy and internal dialogue will follow. Let’s start something. When you take one photo per day of something you are grateful for, you start noticing more positive things and moments each and everyday. In fact, it has been proven to even reduce depression. So, I’m going to start posting one image per day of something I am grateful for as part of my instagram stories, and I'd love for you to join me.