Truthiverse with Brendan D. Murphy

Episode 29: Adventures in the Astral: Insight into the Out-of-Body Experience - Part 2 of the Afterlife Series

March 27th, 2021  •  34 mins 34 secs  •  Download (31.7 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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Is there a "spiritual body" as well as a physical body, as Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians? People in the pre-Christian world seemed to think so - the doctrine is ancient. What about the modern world? Can you travel astrally and project a "spiritual body" away from your physical, and if you did, might someone else be able to see it? What does the modern evidence tell us about astral projection, aka out-of-body experiences? Seeking answers to this question has yielded some truly astonishing material, as you're about to find out. Get ready for a fascinating ride in what occultists call the astral plane, a virtual world simulacrum of our familiar earth environment, known not only to occultists but also government-paid spies called "remote viewers" (aka the Psi Spies). Applying the standards of logic and evidence to "religious matters" can be a most enlightening experience!