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Twitch Streaming with Elixir and Phoenix ft. Erik Guzmán - EMx 157

January 5th, 2022  •  52 mins 6 secs  •  Download (60.5 MB)  •  Link with Timestamp

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Want to see Elixir/Phoenix out in the wild? In this episode, Allen sits down with Erik Guzmán, a developer whose proficiency in Elixir/Phoenix enabled him to created instant closed captions for both Twitch and Zoom audiences. The two discuss why Elixir is so seamless in its scaling capabilities, how Elixir’s ability to reveal errors sooner saved Erik’s behind once or twice, and the biggest lessons Erik learned from burn out.

“Because of how scalable and efficient things are, every client on Twitch is able to connect directly to my servers and get captions. I’ve been able to make a richer user experience.”

In This Episode:
Why Erik moved from Ruby to Elixir and why it’s seamless for scaling
How Erik’s live streaming programming for Twitch and Zoom is changing the game for speech-to-text
What Erik learned from building code manually in Elixir/Phoenix, revealing something not-so-great about Ruby on Rails
How Elixir reveals errors before they become life-threatening, saving Erik from a world of hurt
What getting laid off and burnt out taught Erik about streaming, programming, and sharing

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